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Caring for Children & Educators at Home

We are an exciting new home-based childcare provider that understands the responsibility we hold as we educate, celebrate, support, and honour our youngest citizens alongside whanau.

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Looking for

Childcare at Home

or being an

At Home Educator

Kowhai Flower


    Kowhai Flower


    Children flourish when they feel a strong sense of belonging and acceptance for who they are and what they bring along. 

    We understand that knowing a child, means knowing their whanau and culture. The more we understand and celebrate all of what a child is, the more enriched our relationships are.

    Kowhai Flower


    We appreciate the value of relationships. 

    Each child Kowhai Community works with will be seen and heard.

    We encourage and practice a caring attitude towards children and between children.

    Kowhai Flower


    We are lifelong learners

    We are creative and reflective learners

    We learn together as professional learners

    We learn together alongside our children.


Are you

  • Looking for social interaction and friendships for your child?

  • Looking for someone to care for your child while you are at work?

  • Wanting a home environment where your child feels loved, supported, celebrated, and truly understood?

  • Wanting your child to develop and learn in a calm, home setting that allows for engaging one on one learning moments?

  • Looking for a consistent Educator who will work with your child throughout their early years offering a strong, caring relationship?

  • About us 

    Kowhai Community Home-Based Childcare is a personalised family run business supporting 0–6 year olds in home-based learning environments across the Auckland region.

    We understand it takes a village to raise a child and we look forward to being part of your village.

    Kowhai Community offers a personalised experience where Educators are supported by a business owner who has worked in both home based and early learning centre organisations over the past 22 years in NZ, and many years prior to this overseas.

    We offer you the reassurance that your child is cared for in a home that is safe and meets all Ministry of Education Regulations.

    Kowhai Flower


    "Hi, I'm Clare

    Clare and family

    Wife of Andrew and proud Mum of Chloe, 12 and Oliver 8.

    I'm the business owner/operator of Kowhai Community aswell as the coordinator who is here to support Educators and families. 

    I was born in the North of England where I grew up in a small rural community with my family. I arrived in NZ in 2020 after travelling for a number of years and within the first year, decided to make NZ my home and future. 

    I started my career as a nanny in Yorkshire, England and then moved into the education sector over the following years.

    Since moving to NZ, I have spent 22 years mostly working for large organisations with early learning centres and home-based services taking on a number of different roles. Those roles have included being a teacher, centre manager and a number of other management roles.

    Deciding to set up a home-based service was a natural next step for me, allowing me to work closely within a small community of like-minded, passionate educational professionals.

    I strongly advocate for best outcomes for children whilst caring deeply about those that work with children and Kowhai Community allows me to do just this."




    Mother teacher with children playing

    Start-Up Grants currently available!

    (Conditions Apply)

    As one of our Educators,

    you will work from your own home and care for

    • up to four preschool-aged children

    • including your own

    • including school aged children

    • and provide a safe learning environment

    Kowhai community will

    Kowhai Community Support

    Be Your Biggest Supporter

    We advocate for you, we provide resources to support you and help you set up your home to ensure it meets Ministry of Education regulations.

    Kowhai Community Training

    Provide Ongoing Learning

    Free training in first aid, child protection, child development, and monthly workshops covering topics relevant and of interest to you.

    We will support you towards gaining Level 4 ECE certificate.

    Kowhai Community Promtions

    Help you with promotions

    Help you with advertising to your families.


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